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Forum Thread: Video + Zoom + Focus

When shooting video, I find it extremely hard to focus while zooming in or out. Auto focus simply blows and manual is not much better. It takes me 2-3 tries before I find the right setting. I'm using a T1i with the "standard" 18-55mm lens.

Forum Thread: 5d vs. 7d

I still love the 5d for its shallow depth of field, but the 7d is just so much more production ready.  i'm glad canon finally released the 24p firmware for the 5d, but it doesn't solve the downres'ing to SD when you hit record (in addition to not being able to split the signal).  for stills work, though, the 5d can't be beat.  just being able to carry over lenses from a 35mm perspective is key.  You could leave your house with a 24-70mm 2.8 and be fine on the 5D, whereas you'd need 2 lenses (...

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